Devon Aoki photographed by Tyrone Lebon

Wolfgang Tillmans Iguazu, 2011

Laure Prouvost Idealy Here Would Be an Image Of You 2013 Enamel paint on wooden panel 30 x 40 cm

Dirk Van Saene spring—summer 1991.
Bill Cunningham once wrote in The New York Times about the 1991 summer collection: “Mr. Van Saene’s clothes are distinguished by a gentle sweetness, like laundry hung out in a Swiss backyard with an alpine meadow in the distance.” That comment possibly gets to the very essence of Dirk Van Saene’s master craftmanship. He succeeds in capturing in his clothes, however complex and inventive their construction, however perfect their finish, however far-fetched and unexpected their appearance, the essential feeling of companionship, the impromptu, the playfulness, sensuality and almost comforting nature of a piece of textile. 
Dirk Van Saene: Let’s face it. The main aim of presenting a collection on a catwalk is to get the press excited, so they write about it and publish pictures of it! The theatrical bit is an attempt to make it different from all those other shows…

Bound to Fail, 1960
Bruce Nauman

dark/pale/glow. following back similar.